TechArtTM 2.5D Ultra Thin UNBREAKABLE FLEXIBLE Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

TechArt Brand Premium Tempered Glass Designed For Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
Made from the Best Quality Material, the Glass Protector offers the Highest Levels of Durability, Providing Long Lasting Protection against Scratches and Drops.
HIGHLY FLEXIBLE and UNBREAKABLE :: Undergoing specialized tempered-glass treatment, this TechArt screen protector is much more flexible and shatterproof with Strong Tenacity and Resistance.
DELCATE TOUCH :: Coated on the back with a Strong Silicon Adhesive that Makes EASY and PRECISE BUBBLE FREE SELF-INSTALLATION and Attaches the Film Firmly so as it Provides High Touch Sensitivity & High Transparency and the Color Never Changes.
OLEOPHOBIC COATING :: An Oleophobic Coating that Prevents Fingerprints and other Contaminants and Makes the Film Easy to Clean.

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Product Description
TechArtTM Brand Premium UNBREAKABLE FLEXIBLE Tempered Glass Designed For Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Anti-burst tempered glass curve edge screen protector, brand new and good quality. Excellent defensive performance and super high transparency. Special tempered glass, up to [9H] hardness, super strong and durable, against burst, impacts and bumps. This Tempered Glass Four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. TechArt Tempered Glass Screen Protector is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass. Due to its features, it can protect phone screen better from being scratched and broken. Your phone screen will be fine even if the screen protector is broken in normal situations. With a full-scale protection of your phone screen. The Glass is highly transparent, giving you the most real colour effect. Nanometre thin oil coating surface, more effectively to protect from fingerprints, oil and dirt, and to filter ultraviolet ray. With anti-glare coating, makes it possible to use your phone in sunlight or in brightly lit conditions. Eyes will not be Fatigue Easily, Protect your Eyesight Better than the General Screen Protector. Adopts the global advanced screen protector process technology, it has only 0.3mm thickness.

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