Skullcandy S5AVGM-396 Navigator 2.0 Over Ear Knockout Robin (Aqua)

Developed to deliver high quality intense music, the headset ensures deeper and cleaner bass while also providing natural sounding vocals. With a unique headband and ear cup design, the headsets offer premium comfort and stability. _x000D_ The PurecleanTM ear gels are designed to keep your headsets clean and fresh at all times. It prevents accumulation of make-up residue and germs. _x000D_ Crafted with premium materials in a custom design, the headset supremely fashion-forward. With the custom foam ear pads, you are sure to experience excellent comfort and stability when worn. _x000D_ Integrated with a 3-button remote, the device is easy and convenient to use. It lets you control your music by playing, pausing and controlling the tracks, and also lets you take calls. _x000D_ The headset is built in an travel-friendly design featuring a foldable form that lets you fold it up to make it compact. It also has a detachable cable. The headphones can be put into the travel wristlet provided to carry with you. The bag is made of premium materials, and has a zipper closure and a slender strap.

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_x000D_ Combining the best of style and performance, the Skullcandy S5AVGM-396 Navigator Knockout On-the-ear Headset is designed to immerse you in premium quality music.

Dimensions340 cm