Fastrack Bags for Women (A0539NBL01)`

Brand Fastrack
Item Weight 499 Grams
Model Number A0539NBL01
Part Number A0539NBL01

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Product Description
The range of Fastrack bags, backpacks, and laptop bags are bold, funky, and youth-friendly. No other brand infuses a youthful energy in their products the way Fastrack does. Full of energy, coupled with bold colours, each product in the range is exciting, fresh, and new .The range of Fastrack backpacks on will grab your attention. If you are planning to invest in a bag for the new session at school, a purple or black and yellow backpack is sure to fit the bill. Most of the bags or backpacks are made from polyester material that is durable and waterproof. Their high quality canvas or PU bags are also the current rage and deserve a second glance. You are sure to turn a few heads in school or college, when carrying these. If you are a travel enthusiast then range of backpacks from Fastrack has much to offer. The bags are spacious and the bold hues they come in, add a certain amount of character and vibrant energy. They are durable and can survive any terrain or climatic condition. The black and blue backpacks or the neon yellow and black backpacks are some of the many eye-catching pieces in the selection available on The range of laptop backpacks by Fastrack on is also quite extensive. The make of each of these is quite impressive too. They have adjustable shoulder straps to help distribute the weight of the laptop when it gets too heavy. In addition to that, these bags also come with a top handle to help spread out the weight. For people who store a lot of stuff in their bags, there are multiple pockets providing enough space. They also come with a standard warranty. Fastrack bags are quite affordable too. l often comes up with combo offers on these bags at a discounted rate – mush to serve the moms who need to buy two bags for their kids.

Dimensions0.499 cm